Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management

GEO-data`s company principles



  • Identify and eliminate health risks associated with company activities that pose a potential hazard to employees, persons of other companies involved in the work, or the public;
  • To implement regular programs and appropriate protective measures to control and minimize risks;
  • To determine, through medical examinations at the time of hiring and thereafter as necessary, whether employees are medically healthy and can perform their work without undue risk to themselves and others; and are able to perform their work without undue risk to themselves or others;
  • To prevent accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards;
  • That employees of GEO-data GmbH are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol or drugs or abusing medications in the workplace.


  • That the top priority is the prevention of personal injury and property damage affecting employees and equipment at the work sites. This also applies to third parties;
  • That no work is so important that it may be performed at the expense of safety;
  • That all operating facilities must be established, maintained and operated in such a way that persons and that persons and property are protected;
  • That the work be thought out beforehand, planned safely and carried out prudently; in this way theoretically all accidents can be avoided;

Environmental protection:

  • That all applicable environmental laws and regulations must be complied with and appropriate standards applied where no such regulations exist;
  • To promote respect for the environment and to emphasize the responsibility of each employee to protect the environment;
  • Conduct business with the objective of preventing accidents, keeping emissions and wastes below harmful limits, and constructing, operating, and maintaining facilities in accordance with these requirements;
  • All employees are to be sensitized to safe, environmentally conscious work for themselves and for third parties.

Quality Policy:

Our policy is to fully achieve our set goals and objectives in a program of continuous improvement, within the limits set by our quality management system and all legal requirements. Our objectives include customer satisfaction, efficiency in project execution, competence of employees and economic stability. To achieve this, we will implement a quality management system according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, in order to manage with this system in turn, all health, and safety, as well as public, process and product safety issues.


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • SCC**