Company Profile

Since 1978, GEO-data Gesellschaft für Logging-Service mbH is providing mudlogging and other wellsite related services to the international on- & offshore drilling industry. With currently more than 60 employees we are focused on the European market with other bases in Central Asia.

The GEO-data group tries to cover the complete range of mudlogging & reservoir analytical services as well as pre-drilling gas-/groundwater monitoring and post-drilling gas-/fluid analytical services with special focus on carbon isotope analysis and their interpretation (MGIL).

  • Surface logging – mudlogging
  • Cutting, fluid & gas sampling
  • Core handling, description & photo documentation
  • Special testing (eg. calcimetry, shale density, sulfate test, UV)
  • Continuous realtime and depth-dependend monitoring & documentation
  • Realtime and depth-depended data visualization & data transmission
  • Realtime gas analysis from the mud (FID, TCD, IR)
  • Wellsite Geologist (WSG)
  • Assistant Drilling Technicians (ADT)
  • Advanced Cutting & Core Analysis (spectral core gamma, kappameter, XRF)
  • Software development for the drilling industry (e.g. reporting & cost control program – GEOWellReport/BKP -)
  • Ambient air gas monitoring for toxic & flamable gases
  • Mudgas Isotope Logging (MGIL)
  • Constant Volume Degasser (CVD) and Coriolis Density Measurement