The reporting and cost breakdown program GEOWellReport™ is designed to meet the needs of the company man with regards to daily reporting and daily cost control on the drilling site. A specialized office version of GEOWellReport™ enables the user to export to Genesis 2000 and MS-Excel. Both versions features special evaluation routines (pie charts, cost versus depth etc…) to keep a close look on all cost generating items, services and materials.




Data is generally entered in a worksheet, very much like a spreadsheet. For the more complex items, customized dialogs (e.g. type of operation, drill string, chemicals) are in place. There is no limit to the number of entries. E.g., entering any number of drill string assemblies with any number of sections is possible. A context-sensitive help function is available in every dialog. Units are automatically recognized during input, and the relevant par1ameter is automatically displayed in the last used unit. The currency can be freely defined and changed at any time, with manually entered currency exchange rates to give you the highest flexibility. Subsequently, all previously entered reports can either be displayed in the new currency or optionally remain in the old currency. A full suite of items can be automatically evaluated. These evaluation routines are initiated through drop-down lists with pre-defined selections. This enables the program, for example, to perform statistical analyses of operations. If possible a plausibility check of all entries is performed to catch illogical entries. With the report locking an error list comes up if necessary, to point out wrong or missing entries.




  • Multi-user cababilities
  • User/workgroup access control
  • Data security by strong encryption
  • Optimized for modem/satellite x-fer
  • Easy to use unit management
  • Planning tools (cost versus time)
  • Well scheme


  • Lithology column
  • BHA and daily drilling reports
  • Horizontal & vertical well trajectory projection
  • Export filter to GENESIS 2000 format
  • Export of statistics
  • SAP conform cost accounting Bit report
  • Export to MS-Excel, RTF and PDF
  • Full cost control (AKKO report)




Abbildung 1: PT report Abbildung 2: Cost Summary report
pic 1: PT report pic 2: Cost Summary report

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